How to use flipbooks?

Flipbook is a unique advertising tool and is widely used in advertising and marketing. Such brands as Сoca-Cola, Adidas, Motorola, Olympus, MTV, Subaru, Nickelodeon, L'Oreal, Puma used flipbook in their ad campaigns.
Invitation on Wedding
For significant events, such as weddings, flipbook invitations are great. They will remain with the guests for many years in memory of your event.
Lookbooks and Catalogs
The flipbook is also great for showing off a new designer collection. On one side you can place a video or animation, and on the other a catalog of models.
Create a trailer for your next movie as a flipbook. Your marketing message will not go unnoticed, the flipbook will be watched again and again, sharing joy with friends. You can distribute "trailers" in cinemas, on the street or even send by mail as invitations to the premiere.
Flipbooks are used as souvenirs around the world. Of course, nobody canceled coins and fridge magnets, but flipbooks with beautiful views of the city or museum exhibits can be an interesting present in a new format.
Using a flipbook as a brochure, you can show the product in action, reveal its functions, show the form and key features! "Here and Now" the client will see the product in action, and will also be able to read all the necessary information on the cover. Moreover, such a brochure will remain with him for a long time. And if you place a discount coupon or promotional code on a website in a flipbook, you can easily see how effective this marketing tool can be.
Exhibitions and Shows
You can use flipbooks as a handout at your company's booth during the exhibition. Be sure that visitors will surely keep this "brochure". In addition, the size of the flipbook is not much different from the business card, but the guests of the stand will remember it much more. You can also use flipbooks before the start of the exhibition, for example, send them to potential customers by mail and announce what they will be waiting for at the event.
Video AD
You can enhance the effect of the advertising campaign by releasing flipbooks in addition to the video. After a lot of effort has been spent on creating a commercial, it's quite easy to transfer memorable frames to a flipbook format, thereby gaining a new audience. Using such a flipbook you can also stimulate sales: for example, add a coupon to it, place an invitation to a test drive or a seminar.
Regular Mail Advertising
Everyone knows the situation when you have to sort mail and separate ads from important emails. Advertising in this case immediately flies into the garbage can. Flipbook, perhaps, in this case is one of the few formats that can draw the attention of potential customers to information about a service or product. Not everyone will decide to throw such an interesting and unusual advertisement. You can also add discount coupons, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails to the flipbook. In this way, it is convenient to send product catalogs to potential customers. On the one hand, you can place an entertainment animation on a flip-shirt, and on the other, a product catalog.
Sport Events Promo
Flipbook is probably one of the best sports marketing tools! It will make a good collection of highlights of games or competitions. Next to a spectacular trick, the logo of the sponsor or sports club will be beneficial. Such flipbooks will have great "collection potential" and will surely be in demand among fans. And thanks to their small size, you can easily put them in your pocket and take them home from the event.
Announcements of events
Make an effect at your event and give your guests branded flipbooks as gifts. Be sure that they will not be thrown into the urn in the first second. Such a souvenir will attract attention and will not leave anyone indifferent! Flipbook is an interactive tool that can engage the viewer in the process without requiring any power source.
Fundraising for the project
An advertising flipbook that a happy buyer will find in the package with the goods will enhance the pleasant feeling of the purchase and increase loyalty to your company. Especially for these purposes, we have developed a small flipbook format with a limited number of pages.